For many people, giving feedback can be terrifying. Often the word feedback is associated with negativity or flaw finding however all feedback should be constructive, independent of whether the intent is to reinforce positive elements or to discuss potential improvements.

Constructive feedback is that which is given with the intent of helping the recipient to gain awareness, develop, improve and become more successful or satisfied. It is delivered in a calm, compassionate manner and is timely and specific.

Learning to give feedback constructively takes patience, planning and practise. It's a critical component of effective leadership and can have a significant impact on performance.

A simple, tried and true model for helping deliver constructive feedback is the STAR model.
For positive feedback, use STAR, and for situations where you would like a performance improvement or an alternate behaviour adopted in future, use STAR+AR.

Situation and/or Task – The context. What was the scenario, job or task?

Action – What did they do or say? What did they omit to do or say?

Result – What was the impact and outcome of this?


+ AR (add for performance improvement feedback)

Alternative Action – What might they have said or done instead?

Result – What may have been the impact of the alternative action?

If you know of any other simple and effective feedback models, I'd love to hear them so please post a comment or email me